Principal's Message

Valerie Samuel


Dear Students, schooling is our first contact with the world, a period of joy, healthy competition, fearing, adjustment, sharing and love. It is not the wide open spaces, classrooms, the library, laboratories or the large fields that make the school. It is in the heart of the students and staff that the true institution exists. According to academic analysts, the youth of future generation are going to be more prone to violence and deviant behaviour. This deteriorating trend is a matter of great concern to parents as well as teachers. We are all aware through media reports ofincidents of abuse, self-inflicted violence, violent outburst, depression, violence using social media and other on-line forms. Dear students, it is my message to you all that the people of fine character live bt their values. They are honest and are committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed.


True character thus encompasses the capacity for self-discipline. Character creates self respect, which in turn leads to high self esteem. Maturity is reflected in all aspects of character- the decisions we make , the friends we choose and the responsibilities we accept. Always remember to uphold the diginity of people. Be always ready to give preference to other. What you are is god's gift to you. What you become is your gift to God. Have something to live for. Bring out the best in you.