General Information

Karnataka State Board of the State government seeks to address the many challenges and lacunae that exist in other state board. We take care for Student's Scholastic Development. We focus on Brain stroming Activities to inculcate Practical kniwledge in student's Brain. We beliueve a student learns perfectlky when his all the senses perceive the knowledge. And this is done through various modes like smart class, project work, creative thinking etc. We mould our student to the best of Academic as well as Non-Academic curriculum.

There will be two summative assessments (written examination) for students of classes I to X. Besides these, there will be regular class tests, unit tests, group work, assignments, project work, quiz etc which are called formative assessment.
Promotion to the next higher class will depend upon your child's overall performance which will include academic performance and co-curricular and non-scholastic activities like games & sports, literary activities like debate, dramatics, elocution, recitation, dance and singing, besides, his or her behaviour in the school, class room response, punctuality, regularity, creativity and the like.
Consistent neglect of any subject will not be condoned. Those students who are absent for any of the summative assessment will not be tested earlier or later.

Those who apply for transfer certificate after reopening of the school will be required to pay the fee of the current instalment whether the child has attended the school or not.
No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

Fees must be paid strictly in advance before the 15th of each month. Pupils whose fees are over three months in areas will have their names struck off the roll.
No reduction or remission of fees will be claimed on account of Holiday or absence through illness or for any other reasons. No student will be allowed to appear for terminal or final examination until all dues have been paid in full.

We have a Five Day Pack to equalize the number of working hours for each subject.
Five Day Pack is clearly described in, the year planner to avoid confusion. The week begins with 1st day instead of Monday and completes a rotation of five days.